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Purpose and Philosophy

Statement of Faith

Mark Explanation

1. WCIS believes that the Bible as the Old and New Testament is a criteria of faith and life which is inspired from God.

2. The God as Trinity is the Lord of universe who create the heaven and earth and all things, lead history, save the mankind.

3. Jesus Christ is the son of God who was incarnated of the Word. He showed the love, the power of God and the way of salvation through his life, cross and resurrection.

4. The Holy Spirit as the spirit of God supply the life to all things, lead human being through the way of salvation.

5. The human being of east and west, old and new, be saved by the omnipresnt everlasting Christ who had become flesh.

6. The Kingdom of God will be revealed at the end of history. Human beings has eternal life in the kingdom of God.

7. God has revealed freely himself as he will send his servant to the world according to work through his church which he established.




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